The Life and Times of Fatima Kojima

Meet my friend Fatima Kojima. She’s a fierce, intelligent, and beautiful boss woman I’ve known for going on almost 13 years. (gasp) I hope you can learn from from a glimpse into her beautiful journey.


1.  How would you describe the Life and Times of Fatima Kojima?

I would describe the Life and Times of Fatima as a journey that has caused a once lost girl, to a found, whole, and fulfilled with purpose woman.

2.  What’s your day job and what’s your passion?

My day job is that of being a caregiver.  I am currently a caregiver to an elderly woman as well as a part time pet sitter on occasion.  I have a variety of "passion", more so what I like to call gifts, but my main passions you could say are modeling, connecting with animals, and helping others.

3.  What is your why?

My why does not exist.  I do not question.  I simply take as it comes, as it is, process, and proceed with what to do next.  To question why, is to doubt in my opinion.  To challenge my higher power and to focus on the wrong aspect of the equation.  I am always focused on the now and the next, never questioning the why.

4.  How did you begin your self-love journey?

I began my self love journey the day I could fully comprehend that I didn't have my father to walk through life with me.  He passed away when I was two years old and at a very young age I understood that my father would not be with me in life.  That caused a self love journey to start, at a very early age.

5.  How do you care for yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally?

I care for myself physically, mentally, and emotionally by staying consist to focusing on myself.  Some may say this means you have a psychological problem; but I talk to myself.  I sift through the darkness in my head, I restore and nurture the light.  I feed off of it.  and it gives me momentum.  With my physical health, I acquired a set of symptoms; pain, due to a head injury that I have fully come to accept and live with.  So with my health I daily make efforts to not let myself weaken, worsen, or digress.  I make sure I am always striving for better health.

6. Can you tell us about life since your concussion? How do you manage daily life? (Click here to watch her story on YouTube)

Since my concussion I have had a complete life change.  There is too much to say about it; so watching the video and hearing the passion I have for my condition, the peace I've found, the hope, and all that comes with a chronic illness, is better to watch than read I feel.

7.  What do you want to tell women about living with an eating disorder? How did/do you cope? (Click here to watch her story on YouTube)

What I want to tell women and girls living with an eating disorder is that whether your eating disorder was induced by you mentally thinking your body is not perfect the way it is, or how mine came about, from depression that caused my body to reject what was good for it... Don't let those voices in your head... that feeling in your body be what dictates your health.  I do think that health should always be the focus.  Yes, every body in this world is beautiful, but we ALL could strive for better health.  Whether you are a size 0 or a size 12, HEALTH should be your focus.  You may find that your size 0 may increase to a size 4, and you may find that your size 12 may decrease to a size 8.  That again is based off of health though.  Not trying to look the way society wants you to.  How society also in my opinion allows you to settle to.  Always pursue your health.  That means you are also pursuing your mental and emotional well being.

8.  What you want to tell women hoping to have a career modeling?

Something I would tell women that want to have a modeling career is... Do you truly want to do this for the truth of it.  Not for the likes on instagram... Not because you're in your prime and you think, "hey why not. There's perks to it so I'll do it." Not for any other reason than the fact that you are truly in love with modeling.  It often frustrates me that girls opt to modeling these days than getting a degree for example.  Social media has distracted everyone to thinking that they can become a star.  And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.  But if we all are "stars" who are our doctors?  Who are our teachers?  Our leaders?  Our officials? etc.  I model because it is my undenying talent and gift.  But trust and believe me, if my undenying gift and talent was to be a doctor for example, I would be going for that.  (Thank God that it isn't or a lot of people would be in trouble haha) but hopefully that makes sense.  Just makes sure it is in your heart to get into this industry.  Heart is the only thing that is going to get you through the long journey of modeling; the incredible journey of modeling.

9.  How do you stay spiritually grounded?

I stay spiritually grounded by tending to my faith.  It's as simple as that.  I do not let a day go by without making sure I focus some time to my faith.  Seeking the truth.  Learning my Creator and the promise that lies ahead for me.

10.  How do you live intentionally?

I live intentionally by living genuinely.  Humbly.  Patiently. Kindly. With Effort. Understanding. and trust in my journey.

11.  What’s your inspiration?

Life itself inspires me. This earth. Nature. It may sound weird but that's where I find my inspiration and that means I find my inspiration through the power and the works of my Creator. I'm just inspired by life itself and the beauty in the GOOD of it that always tries to prevail when so much destruction tries to tear it down.

12.  What do you want your legacy to be?

I want my legacy to be simply that I was here, I mattered. I gave purpose. I tried to RESTORE. and beyond my struggles, beyond whatever personal grievances, I lived for my Creator.  I lived for GOOD.  I tried to manifest good while I here.  And hopefully I leave a internationally recognized business that helps to continue that legacy going.

What do you want your legacy to be?

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