Toddler Hair Care Routine

Doing your toddlers hair doesn't have to be a daunting task. Zion has a head full of curls that I'm teaching her to love and embrace. This is why I haven't straightened my hair this year. I've been on my own natural hair journey for a couple years now, and I'm learning how to do my own hair after 20-something years of weekly appointments at the salon. Each hairdresser telling you how you should be doing your hair, wanting to "heat-train" your hair, perm it, or charge exorbitant fees for simple styles. Luckily, I've never had a perm, but I have fallen victim to heat damage, hair breakage, and outdated stylists that don’t know new techniques or products for my 4a/4b hair (if you’re into hair typing). I don't want Zion to grow up not knowing how to do her hair, worrying about straightening it, and not embracing her hair just the way it is.

Zion and her  Harper Iman  doll

Zion and her Harper Iman doll

Here is a guide to Zion's wash day that takes about 30 minutes, depending on if she sits still or not.

When I freshen up her hair daily, I use the Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Kids Extra-Moisturizing Detangler or the Cantu Care For Kids Conditioning Detangler along with either the Shea Moisture or Cantu curling cream and the Cantu custard. Always use kid-friendly products for your young one because they are gentler on their young hair and if soap gets in their eyes it won't be as irritating to them. I usually style her curls in a high puff, pigtails, or braids and try to remember to take her hair down before I put her to sleep. I usually don't use oils in her hair because it weighs it down (she has thick 3a/3b hair)  and I use quality hair products with natural ingredients and oils infused in them to provide long-lasting moisture and health. I usually wash her hair every week to week and a half. Zion’s hair routine won’t work for everyone, so do what works for your toddler!

Here is a link to my favorite mommy vlogger Raven Elyse and her daughter's hair routine that I took some nuggets from! -