International Women's Day + Collab

It’s time that women, especially women of color come together and collaborate and lift each other up. It’s unfortunate when you hear stories of women competing with each other and as if there can be only one woman of color in a space at a time.


I’ve had experiences in work and academic spaces where I was told, “As a black woman you should be doing better?” or “Thank goodness you came. I thought I would be the only brown woman here forever!”

To collaborate effectively, we must address the underlying biases and prejudices. Anti-blackness runs rampant within all communities, even our own community. We must learn from each other and try to understand our intersectional identities. In the media, white Hollywood whitewashes our stories and a lot of the time casts white actors to portray POC characters. It’s essential we tell our own stories on all platforms.

I wanted to collaborate with Liz Tong because we are women with similar interests and we can always learn from each other. Her blog With Love and Laughs mission is to inspire and empower you to be your true, authentic selves through self-love, growth and positivity. She wants to spark your wanderlust through her travel posts and encourage you to explore new cultures and environments. Check out Liz’s post about women empowerment and International Women’s Day.

As a black woman, we are often told you have to work 10 times hard to barely get half. We deserve to be on the same playing field. The basis to get forward is to move past imposter syndrome (listen to the podcast below) and owning your seat at the table is to build self-confidence and believe you’re supposed to be there if you did the work.

Now, this all sounds great in theory, but how is unification attainable on a small scale? Get with your friends, trusted associates, and mentors that have expertise in what you’re needing help with and collaborate. Hold each other accountable, but stay true to who you are and your plan. There are great resources in the Metro Detroit area, such as Femology, a co-working space for women.

I vowed to myself that all 2019 and beyond, I will step into my power and understand that everything that’s for me will be mine. All it takes is faith, hard work, and some networking.

Happy Women’s History Month!


Liz Tong

Check out her blog With Love and Laughs