The Life and Times of Perri Janelle

I met Perri Janelle at Femology Detroit’s 100 Detroit Female Blogger campaign in 2018! She’s a gorgeous fashion and lifestyle blogger and brand ambassador for Savage x Fenty! I hope you can be inspired by her journey.

  • How would you describe the Life and Times of Perri?

    I would describe the life and times of “Perri” myself as very busy from my day to day job to managing my blog fulltime can be a bit hectic. Also, very stressful because sometimes I can be so consumed and busy with work I really don’t have much time at all for anything. I really try to maintain my relationships with my family and friends who are all so supportive of my dreams and goals. They understand I get busy and they know what I’m trying to accomplish. They never make me feel awful about not spending quality time.

  • What’s your day job and what’s your passion?

    I work in Corporate America and I’m passionate about fashion and beauty. I definitely want to make a mark in the fashion industry and accomplish everything I desire. I am for sure passionate about setting goals and executing them.

  • What is your why?

    Influencing and inspiring other women to set goals for themselves and follow through with them. Dreams are real and if you believe in yourself, you can be whoever you want to be.

  • What motivates you?

    What motivates me really is standing out and being different than others and always trying to compete with my old self. Also, those who look up to me as an inspiration and seeing others say they are inspired by me. That makes me want to go harder and make them proud. That’s the best motivation. I’m always competing with myself to make my dreams come true.

  • What’s your daily routine?

    My daily routine definitely isn’t glamorous or the most productive. I am just like everyone else who slacks and put things off. So lol I really go with the flow and set a schedule on what works best for me and what I need to accomplish. My planner helps me out daily because I’m not always doing the same thing all the time.

  • How and why did you begin your self-love journey?

    I always had self-love, even from being a little girl, loving myself has always been a part of my life. I think it’s Important to see the beauty in yourself so others will see it also. Because once you love yourself and put yourself on a high pedestal so will others.

  • How do you care for yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally?

    I definitely focus on what I put into my body as far as what I eat. I try my best to eat as healthy as I can when I can, but mentally and emotionally, I pray a lot and I have close friends and family I confide in when I get to a point where im confused and I don’t have all the answers. We all need a little guidance when it comes to taking care of our minds mentally.

  • What made you start your fashion and lifestyle blog?

    I truly was looking for a different platform to express myself and starting a fashion and lifestyle blog was the best way to do that. I am very quiet and shy, so fashion is a way I like to create and express myself. I also wanted to give my following a chance to get to know me better. Also, I was always asked about my fashion choices, instead of having to answer so many repetitive questions, I thought sharing my links on my fashion sources was the best way to spill the beans. Lol

  • What do you want to tell women about deliberately starting a brand?

    Know yourself, be yourself and stand out. Never try to fit in. We were all created to stand out and not blend. So I never want to interpret anyone else. I want to be the best version of Perri Janelle all the time. Just go for it, what’s for you will always be for you.

  • What do you want to tell women about thriving in your twenties?

    Well, I am in my twenties still and so many women look at me like I have it all together and I truly don’t because that’s okay. I really would say its okay to make mistakes because every mistake is a chance to learn a different approach and succeed the next time around. Its okay not to have everything you want in order, as long as you are planning and setting goals, you will be just fine.

  • How do you live intentionally?

    I don’t really try to live intentionally because that would mean, I’m trying to be perfect all the time and I’m not trying to make any mistakes along the way. I’m a huge learner and I never know where something will take me. So, I really take things one step at a time if it works out it works out but if it doesn’t, I tried now let me try to take a different approach. Sometimes over thinking and over planning can be your worse enemy. So, I just try to live my life without fear or regrets.

  • What’s your inspiration?

    My inspiration is competing with my old self and being a better version of Perri at all times.

  • What do you want your legacy to be?

    I’m really not sure at this moment because I still have so many goals to achieve, that I haven’t even begun thinking about a legacy because I’m still getting to know myself and making the right decisions for my personal brand along the way.