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As a mother, we often lose ourselves in the midst of it all. We need to learn to follow that inner compass and find The Roadmap Back to ourselves. We need to spark that inner light and remember or discover the women we are at our core. We need to take care of ourselves physically, mentally and emotionally without apology.

Let’s hear how Rebekah Denise, blogger and podcaster for Rabbits Whole, describes her journey.

  1. How would you describe your journey to find the roadmap back?

    The journey back has been intense. Patience has been the biggest challenge, at times I feel I am not where I am supposed to be which causes me to want to rush instead of enjoying the joy of learning and being in the moment. But my awareness has made me think about the choices I have made and the choices I need to make moving forward.

  2. What’s your day job and what’s your passion?

    I am a Disease Management Coordinator. Ties into my passion for educating, staying active and taking control of your health. I provide healthy tips both physically, and mentally to healthier living. I also share my story to similar situations at hand and provide additional resources if needed such as assistance with food, transportation, link with mental health providers, doctors, etc.

  3. What is your why?

    My why is helping someone live life authentically and enjoy life, their journey to the fullest. I want to instill personal confidence and different ways to embrace and express themselves. BE YOU!

  4. What motivated you to start your blog and your podcast Rabbits Whole?

    I started my blog to light to others who have not yet come forth to be transparent about their journey and those who just want to read in silence. So much is bottled inside because many think they are alone. My blog and podcast give you the security, vibe, and comfort to tapping into being the best version of YOU no matter what you have gone through or are going through.

  5. How and why did you begin your self-love journey?

    In these first 6 months of 2019, I can say I have really been on my self-love journey. Prior I was empty, smiling as if I was okay, not sitting down and always on the go and at everyone’s leisure. I began to write in my journal more, write on my mirror, look in the mirror more often and push myself to be ME for ME and learn about myself without validation. I took time away and still away from some things to reenergize, refill and focus on my WHY. I have learned so much about me within these months than in the 31 years of living. Self-love has helped me regain what I have lost and didn’t even realize was gone.

  6. How do you care for yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally?

    I do what I love to do. I love me some alone time, I take mental days and have a conversation with myself. I watch the intake of my surroundings. If it is not healthy or needed in my life, I make sure I stand clear. It’s definitely a balance and discipline.

  7. What do you want to tell other moms about raising children?

    Raise your children how you see fit. There is no manual on motherhood, you are creating the manual. For what you see as a failure, see the positive reinforcement next time around. Our children are our babies forever. Feed, nourish and speak to them physically, emotionally, and mentally. Build them up to be the leaders and doing the impossible. Smile because you are doing the unthinkable raising another little human being.

  8. How was your pregnancy and journey into motherhood?

    My pregnancies wrote their own stories. Very interesting! I delivered a stillborn. I have two children I carried full term, a child who was born at 6 months with fetal gastroschisis, and recently I miscarried. Motherhood is very sacred to me and I take every step to show my gratitude and this journey has built my strength, passion, and abilities to see how far I am stretched but do not break.

  9. What do you want to tell women about thriving in your thirties?

    Hunty, let it flow and twerk through it! Don’t be so uptight, create your to-do list and check it off. If there is something that you want to do and scared, DO IT! You’ll be amazed by what you can do and how you did it when all said and done. Do not let age define you nor the societal views. Be less for the likes and more for the enjoyment of life itself. You are you and you are to show up and never feel bad for what you do.  

  10. How do you live intentionally?

    I live my life being who I am and proudly expressing in a world who thinks they must change because they are not accepted. I always think before doing and ask myself what it is the trickle effect on my decision. I live my life how meaningful and fulfilling it is to me.

  11. What's your inspiration?

    My inspiration is ME. I always say “girl you betta” or “okay Rabbit look how you got through”. I celebrate me and the small wins. Now my BIGGEST inspiration is my grandmother, the late Margaret Sampson and my father, Excell Boykins. My grandmother would light a room and she would be herself no matter where she was. She always had this glow that if you knew her you knew she was coming to bless you whether you asked for it or not lol. She was a very spiritual woman. My father has taught me to love everyone no matter what. And I mean no matter what! He has always encouraged me to be who I am, not lean on understandings of the irrelevant and focus on who is here not who has left on my journey.  I didn’t understand as a child how much their teachings together would impact me in the moments and my now until I started living in my destiny and things came back full circle. I look up to them as not only being an inspiration but being the BEST that could have happened to me and uplifting me in so many ways.

  12. What do you want your legacy to be?

    Whheewwww. I want my legacy to be the love, transparency, knowledge, and seeds I have planted in giving back to the world. I want to be remembered as sharing my story and living in my purpose authentically. I’m sure my legacy will live on through my children and significant other but I would love for my homegoing to be a homegoing of celebration and lighting more lights!

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