The GoodGirlGoneFab: Simone Carter

Simone Carter is the gorgeous and bomb GoodGirlGoneFab. I met her at 100 Detroit Female Bloggers hosted by Femology and she’s been inspiring me with her confidence and style ever since. Hopefully you can learn from her story and get some beauty tips along the way!

How would you describe your journey to find the roadmap back?


I’m still on my journey to find the roadmap back. It’s been a tough year personally so I’ve had to find the little things in life that point me in the right direction. On this journey I’ve found how mentally and physically strong I am, by not giving up on myself or my goals. One of my biggest goals that is allowing me to find my way back to happiness, is getting in shape. I’ve always been a “small” girl but that doesn’t mean I didn’t have bad habits that led me to not love my body the way I should. One this journey is making me realize that if I can do this, I can do anything. It just takes time and hard work to get there.

What’s your day job and what’s your passion?

By day I’m a marketing coordinator for a digital automotive online service. It’s a big mix of customer service and public relations. However, my passion is storytelling, creating content and sharing what helps me feel beautiful with other women. is my passion project that I hope to turn into my day job.

What is your why?

I want to express myself and make others feel. Writing has been the one thing I know I’m great at but it also feels great to do. So my why is because if I can share something I enjoy with others and in return help them in some way, then I have made a positive impact on the part of the world.

What’s the inspiration behind GoodGirlGoneFab?

GoodGirlGoneFab was inspired by me wanting to create content for magazines but in an online format. I was interning in NYC with a travel and style blogger, Nneya Richards, and I wanted to do what she does but with makeup. GGGF is for millennial everyday women. It’s relatable, fun and simple— the way I like to live.

How and why did you begin your self-love journey?

My self-love journey is one that’s in process at this moment. I’m very hard on myself but part of my journey is to continually tell myself that I am MORE than good enough.

How do you care for yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally?

2019 has been my year of taking care of myself physically. I go to the doctor and dentist more regularly and I started my fitness journey in late 2018. With working out and eating better, it has not only improved my physical health but my mental and emotional health. Going to the gym and working out is one of the most fulfilling (and affordable) forms of self-care I could have found. It allows me to get stronger, push myself to try new things and find a new sense of pride. In addition to working out, I make sure to treat myself to beauty products that keep me feeling and looking pretty.

What are your must-have beauty products?

Fenty Beauty’s Gloss Bomb in “Fenty Glow” is my favorite lip gloss of all time. It’s so glossy but not sticky and it conditions my lips. It’s lit.

Boscia’s Detoxifying Charcoal Cleanser is the only cleanser I’ve used in like a year. And Nome’s Body Butter keeps my skin soft and glowing! Plus it’s a Detroit based brand.

As a Metro-Detroiter, who are your go-to businesses for beauty related services (hair, nails, esthetician, etc.)?

Lately, I’ve been wearing braids to help my hair stay protected while I work out. The best box braids are by Ashley aka @slayyedbytoc_ on Instagram! She’s so fun and professional!

For my nails, @Kinyahtamonaye_ is the only person I will let do my nails! She’s the epitome of a GoodGirlGoneFab, ambitious, confident and relatable! She stays booked but I will let my nails grow out before I go to anyone else.

What do you want to tell women about thriving in your twenties?

It’s a journey for sure. This is the happiest time of my life but also the most stressful. I make so many mistakes but I know my twenties are making me the woman I want to be in 5-10 years. Thriving is based on how much we invest in ourselves mentally, emotionally and physically. Giving our all in these areas can lead to elevation in every way. So I just keep telling myself not to give up. I also try to enjoy this “free” time I have in my twenties. I’m not married and I don’t have kids, so while I have my personal time, I enjoy it the ways I dreamed of as a teenager.

What’s your morning and night routine?

I wake up at 6:35 a.m. and I have to get to work at 8 a.m. So my morning routine is simply showering, throwing on some “everyday” makeup and rushing to work. Lol. Once I get to work I eat my greek yogurt and granola and start the day checking emails.

As soon as I get home my night begins, I shower and take off my makeup so I can get cozy. Realistically after work, I should come home and blog but since I’ve been on a huge hiatus, I haven’t.

How do you live intentionally?

I’ve never thought about this honestly. I try to live in the moment but the way my anxiety works, that’s pretty hard. Other than that, I say “no” instead of reluctantly saying yes. I do my best to try to make so many people happy but that can’t come at my own expense. So I’ve learned how to value my time, money and sanity by putting myself first.


What's your inspiration?

My biggest inspiration at this moment is 100% Robyn Rihanna Fenty. It may seem vain or like a cliche answer since she’s a celebrity but every time I see her make moves I get inspired. She’s gone from a potential one-hit-wonder from “the left side of the island” to a global icon in music, beauty, fashion, and philanthropy. She’s fearless yet vulnerable, she’s bold yet subtle and she’s true to herself and we see it. She’s living her best life.

What do you want your legacy to be?

I want people to remember that I made them feel good. I want my presence and talents to be something people miss and desire because it brought happiness and made them feel whole. I also want women to remember me as someone who taught them how to feel beautiful as they are—while also knowing we can push ourselves to be greater.

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